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Who we are

Finance United has been providing accounting and finance services since 2006.

Our experts build proficient solutions for both local and foreign businesses. With the

drive for creating permanent value for our Clients, we develop both individualized and

out-of-the-box management tools for business analytics and management reporting.

Every Client. Every assignment. Every solution. Every team member.

At Finance United we count what really counts.

Goals and Values

We have several stakeholders we serve and certain principles we follow. How do we put it to practice and how does it work? The CFA Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct serves as our model. These are our founding principles:

  • PROFESSIONALISM. We objectively provide high quality services based on up-to-date legislation to all our clients.

  • INTEGRITY ON CAPITAL MARKET. We are reliable partners to safely keep and operate your data.

  • DUTIES TO CLIENTS. We work on individualized and fair solutions that are most suitable for our clients.

  • DUTIES TO EMPLOYERS. Our employees act for the benefit of their employer and do not deprive their employer of the advantage of their skills and abilities, divulge confidential information, or otherwise cause harm to their employer.

  • FAIR ANALYSIS, RECOMMENDATIONS, AND ACTIONS. It is our focus to conduct client support in a diligent way, based on fair communication both with current and prospective clients.

  • CONFLICTS OF INTEREST. It is our duty to provide smooth business solutions that do not interrupt the operations of any related parties.

Quality and technologies

Albert Einstein once remarked that “The stone age did not end because the world ran out of stones”. We relentlessly look to employ the most advanced technology in our work. We use a 360-degree control system, a competence and experience capturing system, and various control and quality assurance tools.


Social Responsibility

We count what really counts

When all’s said and done, everything we do at Finance United is for the prosperity of our children. “Our” meaning “the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future” (J. F. Kennedy).

We support:

  • Charity Fund SOS Children's Villages Association

  • Santariskes's Childrens Hospital Relief Fund

  • Order of Malta Relief Organisation in Lithuania

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