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At Finance United we count what really counts

Introducing our law firm



Accounting &

We count what really counts. Finance United supports your business with full accounting services complying with

up-to-date legislation.

Our experts analyze your current accounting process and integrate optimisation tools, so your business operates more efficiently and brings more value to stakeholders.



Information is the main goal of accounting. Reporting is the result of the accounting process and makes business manageable. We will help you understand how your business is currently doing and provide tools to help you grow and better serve your clients and shareholders in the future.



Every business needs financing. Sometimes the need is for financing working capital, sometimes it is for expansion and investments, and sometimes it is necessary to gear up and to move to a healthier balance sheet. We ensure smooth financing processes for your business.


Business Management Solutions

Finance United experts build solutions upon the following principles:

  • Every business needs to control its processes

  • Every business needs to be efficient

  • Every business needs rational solutions



Who we are

Finance United has been providing accounting and finance services since 2006. Our experts build proficient solutions for both local and foreign businesses. With the drive for creating permanent value for our Clients, we develop both individualized and out-of-the-box management tools for business analytics and management reporting.

Every Client. Every assignment. Every solution.

Every team member. At Finance United we count what really counts.


Marius Jankauskas, FMVA®

Sigitas Ertmanas

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