Accounting for Business

Finance United provides the following services:

  • Bookkeeping

  • Management of accounting department

  • Consulting for accounting, taxes and legal regulation

Every company faces accounting process, for which certain requirements are set:

Understandability. Users with a basic knowledge of business and accounting should be able to readily understand the information the statements present.

Comparability. Financial statement presentation should be consistent among firms and across time periods.

Relevance. Financial statements are relevant if the information in them can influence users' economic decisions or affect users' evaluations of past events or forecasts of future events. To be relevant, information should be timely and sufficiently detailed (meaning no material omissions or misstatements).

Reliability. Information is reliable if it reflects economic reality, is unbiased, and is free of material errors. (Schweser CFA Study Notes, Kaplan)

Accounting is organized and kept in such a way that information is acquired in the most efficient way:

  • There will be no necessity to deliver invoices – you will be able to send them by email

  • You may connect to financial accounting system and monitor real time information.

  • You may choose one of the three Accounting for Business ABC plans – optimal for your company.

Provide us with your contact – if you want us to ensure efficient bookkeeping at your company.

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